Prep your property to lease

Simple home improvements can greatly increase your chances of leasing your property fast, and at the right price.

  1. Separate yourself from your property – Though you may have amazing taste, not everyone might have the same taste as you. It is important to disassociate yourself and your personal taste from your property. This creates a “blank canvas”, allowing prospective renters to picture themselves in your property with their own personal touches.
  2. De-clutter – No one likes a messy! Viewing a property in a state of chaos not only takes away from its potential, but makes the potential renters believe it’s unclean.
  3. Rearrange bedroom closets and kitchen cabinets – The layout of your property might be ideal for you, but that’s not to say you’re maximizing your space! Rearranging closets and cabinets can not only open up the space and make it appear bigger, but it can also create less clutter and mess.
  4. Rent storage units – This is essential. Renting storage units to store all your excessive items can greatly improve your chances of selling your property. That old wine cabinet that your grandmother gave you might have sentimental value, but to a potential renter it’s just distracting and taking up space.
  5. Make minor repairs – Making minor repairs to your property and putting those final finishes will give a newer and well-kept appearance to your property. This gives the illusion that your property is new and isn’t in need of repair. Everyone’s favorite phrase is “Move in ready!”, when trying to buy a new property. This is what you should be striving for.
  6. Clean clean clean! – This should not be taken lightly. Make every countertop, floor, stairwell, and wall sparkly! Who wants to move into a dirty home? No one.
  7. Check your curb appeal – You might be wondering “why is curb appeal important?” well. Here’s why: Studies show that a majority of buyers will not get out of their car or even enter a property if they don’t appreciate the aesthetic value of its exterior. Enhancing your curb appeal attracts more buyers. Plain and simple.
  8. Home warranty – You might want to consider buying a home warranty policy to help pay for the cost of fixing your property or replacing the systems.

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