Putting Your Property On The Market


It is essential to network and market effectively in order to get a wide enough audience to sell your property. By signing a listing agreement with an Agent, you are passing on the responsibility of advertising and marketing your property to perspective buyers. Your agent will be responsible for the following:

  1. Ask you what type of buyer you want to buy your property and thus advertise accordingly.
  2. Offer staging tips so that your property looks its best.
  3. Take attractive photos to best showcase the attributes and hide the flaws of your property.
  4. Create an MLS data sheet which includes all the information regarding your property.
  5. Upload your listing on MLS so that other realtors will be able to find it via search.
  6. Uploading advertisements on other websites such as online classifieds and personal websites to help widen the audience.
  7. Set up viewings with prospective buyers and agents of buyers.
  8. Put up “for sale” signs if necessary.
  9. Network with other professionals to sell the property quickly.
  10. Setting up open houses so that a larger volume of buyers or agents can view the property at the same time. This creates traffic. However, open-houses are not entirely necessary, as properties are likely to sell without having one.

When working with a realtor, they will be taking care of all these aspects. You will not have to lift a finger!

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